In the Fall of 2017 HAI Foundation commissioned a study by the University of North Dakota to quantify the demand for pilots and maintenance technicians over the coming decades. UND-HFI Rotorcraft Pilot and Mechanic Supply Forecast confirmed industry suspicions regarding labor force trends and highlighted the need for drastic changes to ensure industry growth and viability into the future.  HeliFutures was created to bring member organizations, other trade groups, and educational institutions together address the reasons for the shortages and ensure that our industry has a high-quality, sustainable workforce.

Over the day and a half session, participants first identified the top three “Up at Night” challenges that were causing the shortages. These obstacles included:

  • The lack of available pilots and aviation maintenance technicians
  • Retaining qualified personnel
  • Affordability and accessibility of education and training

The group then built out strategic workforce solutions to support and drive industry workforce outcomes. These solutions are:

  • Promote our industry to the next generation
  • Improve overall employee benefits to increase retention
  • Create apprenticeship programs

The final step of the Strategic Industry Workforce Plan included identifying critical audiences to advance the solutions and developing steps and activities to implement the solutions.

The complete findings from the event can be viewed here.