Helicopter Pilot Careers

Do you want to fly AND make a difference in people’s lives,
or will you be satisfied delivering passengers from one airport to another?

Helicopter Association International hopes you want to fly missions!

If you dream of flying, shouldn’t it in an aircraft unlike any other? Where you can save lives, protect property, or simply help turn on the lights in someone’s home?

Helicopter pilots do that and so much more!

From agriculture to wildlife studies, people use helicopters every day to protect, preserve, inform, and explore.

The best part is that you can choose your mission! You might start with flight training or tours, but then you step up to saving lives with air ambulance flights or fighting wildfires that threaten homes! You can carry powerline towers and linemen to help create and maintain our national power grid, or you can help deliver the evening news into homes.

Yes, helicopters carry passengers too, but flying petroleum workers in the Gulf of Mexico or conducting a tour into the Grand Canyon are both probably more fun than literally watching an autopilot fly a plane on a five-hour flight across the country.

Remember, anyone can fly a plane, but it takes distinct people to fly missions.

So, Let’s Get Started!
To begin, visit a local flight school. Many of them offer brief introductory flights to help you decide if it’s the correct path for you. While you’re there, the professional staff will provide information about different licenses, duration of the training, and the expenses.

During your training, you will quickly learn about the different missions pilots use helicopters to accomplish.  The chances are good that you’ll find a mission profile that appeals to you, and you can begin to focus your training and building experience to reach that goal.